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Help with the Autobiographical Essay:         


Use the information below to help you get started.  You are not required to complete all of the work below at this time.  You will be completing these and other worksheets next year as part of your grade 12 1st quarter project. 

            Step 1:            Brainstorm to list 20 words which describe you.


            Step 2:            Answer these questions in a sentence or two:

                        What do you like to do?


·        in school  ____________________________________________          

·   on vacation __________________________________________                       

·        at home _____________________________________________          

·        with friends  __________________________________________

·        at night _____________________________________________

·        with family___________________________________________

·        during the day ________________________________________

·    when alone ___________________________________________

                       ·   during different seasons __________________________________


Step 3:            Write a list of ten skills and interests you have.

                        I’m happiest when…

                       I really hate it when…

                        I worry especially when…

                        The thing that makes me sad is…

                        A side of me people never see is…

                        Lately, I’ve been thinking about…

                        One thing that scares me is…

                        I am least confident when…

                        One of the best times I ever had…

                        Something I never want to live through again is…

                        People disappoint me when…


                                     AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL SOURCES


·        funny people _______________________________________________

·        kind people ________________________________________________

·        phonies ___________________________________________________

·        strange people ______________________________________________

·        helpful people ______________________________________________

·        sensitive people _____________________________________________

·        people who made you feel bad _________________________________

·        people who made you smile ___________________________________


2.                  Things that have happened to you -

Think of things that:

·        have given you great satisfaction _______________________________

·        made you bitter or resentful ___________________________________

·        crushed you with sadness _____________________________________

·        made you proud of yourself or another person ____________________

·        convinced you were really wrong to do something _________________

·        made you determined to do something ___________________________

·        made you frightened _________________________________________

·        made you angry enough to take out your anger ____________________

·        made you thankful to be alive and healthy _________________________


3.                  Lessons you have learned:

·          by going through hard times? __________________________________

·          by overcoming fear? __________________________________________

·          by following good advice? ______________________________________

·          by trusting your instincts? ________________________________________

·          by trusting someone you depend on? _______________________________


4.                  Ways you have changed:

·        What kind of child were you?

·        Are there changes you are not happy about?

·        Have your tastes changed?

·        How do you think you will change in the future?     


5.                  How do others see you?    Describe yourself from THEIR perspective:

·        your parents

·        your friends


·        your relatives

·        your teachers


6.                  What are your goals for the future?

·        What do you want to accomplish?

·        What are your priorities?

·        What are you willing to give up to reach your goals?

·        What are your dreams for the future?